Highland Rim Section of the National Scenic Trail

Break up the hike with destination points along the trail:


427.4 Garrison Creek- Garrison Creek photo


Old Natchez Trace Indian Trail Overlook – Natchez Trace Garrison Crrek Trail 038


President Thomas Jefferson’s Military Road Natchez Trace Garrison Crrek Trail 012


War of 1812 Memorial Site-Natchez Trace Fall 3 082


Burns Branch –IMG_6822

Water Valley Overlook –IMG_8265

Duck River – IMG_8932    




The Highland Rim Section of the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail runs for 28 miles from Garrison Creek at milepost 427.4 to the Duck River at milepost 408.  Parking is available at each end of the trail section and at pull off areas on the parkway along the trail.  Restroom facilities are available at Garrison Creek and at the Gordon House on each end of the trail.

NATT_Garrison Creek 1Garrison Creek Map 2

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