Bicentennial Hickory Trees Planted on the Bicentennial of the 1813 Natchez Expedition

 1.  Natchez Bluff at the DAR Marker2. Historic Jefferson College- Fort Dearborn3.  Camp Jackson- Eliz. Female Academy   4. Choctaw Agency 5. French Camp7. Pontotoc8. Colbert Ferry  .9.  War of 1812 Memorial Site10.  The Hermitage

To commemorate the bicentennial of the 1813 Natchez Expedition for the War of 1812, and to acknowledge that Andrew Jackson became “Old Hickory” on the return march, the Natchez Trace Parkway Association planted bicentennial Hickory trees at sites associated with the expedition     The history of the expedition was recounted at events, and the assistance  the Chickasaws and Choctaws provided to help Jackson and his troops was acknowledged.  He became “Old Hickory” with their help.

Thanks to the DAR, the U.S. Daughters of 1812 and the Pontotoc Historical Society for sponsoring the trees, and to Greg Smith, and the National Park Service for their help in planting them on sites on the parkway and to the Hermitage for its help in planting the tree at its site.

Trees were also planted near Jackson’s camp site on the old trace in Pontotoc and at Grinder’s Stand, where troops were dismissed.  The design for markers for the trees is in progress.

Special thanks for the donations of the trees from the following:

1.  Natchez on the Bluff-  Natchez Chapter DAR

2.  Historic Jefferson College- Fort Dearborn- Pathfinder Chapter DAR of Port Gibson, MS

3.  Camp Jackson (Elizabeth Female Academy) – James Gilliam Chapter  DAR of Marks, MS

4.  Choctaw Agency – Rebbecca Cravat Chapter DAR of .Jackson, MS
5.  French Camp- Samuel Hammond Chapter of Kosciusko, MS
6.  Old Natchez Trace near Jackson’s Springs- Pontotoc Historical Society (not pictured)
7.  Colbert Ferry – Chief Colbert Chapter DAR of Tuscumbia, AL
8.  Meriwether Lewis Site-  Tennessee Society DAR- (not pictured)
9.  War of 1812 Memorial Site-  Tennessee Society U.S. Daughters of 1812
10.  The Hermitage- Tennessee Society U.S. Daughters of 1812

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