Rainwater Observatory Director Edwin Faughn’s Artwork Featured on NASA’s Kepler Mission Website

Rainwater Observatory of French Camp Academy director Edwin Faughn’s artwork is currently featured on NASA’s Kepler mission website. Edwin is not only the director of Rainwater but also an artist and lecturer specializing in space sciences. Over the years he has presented hundreds of space science presentations to diverse groups and his original artwork has been featured in and on the covers of numerous international space science magazines, exhibitions and planetarium productions. A few of his credits include, Scientific American, Astronomy, Sky and Telescope, Federal Express World Headquarters, the International Association of Astronomical Artists world tour space art exhibition: The Artist’s Universe, and the world premiere of TitanicThe Exhibition. He also served nearly 20 years as the art director for the Sharpe Planetarium of the Pink Palace Family of Museums in Memphis, Tennessee.


The Kepler mission is a space observatory launched by NASA to search for extrasolar planets orbiting other stars in our Milky Way Galaxy.


You can see more of Edwin’s work at: www.edwinfaughn.com or visit Rainwater Observatory at: www.rainwaterobservatory.org Rainwater Observatory is an educational outreach ministry of French Camp Academy in French Camp, Mississippi.



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