Expedition Natchez 1813: Becoming “Old Hickory”

Expedition Natchez Sunday-Tuesday 280Expedition Natchez Saturday 149Expedition Natchez Saturday 009Expedition Natchez Sunday-Tuesday 471Expedition Natchez 1813 2Expedition Natchez Saturday 233Expedition Natchez Sunday-Tuesday 351FlagIMG_6421Expedition Natchez CampfireExpedition Natchez French CampAndrew Jackson's Troops Return Home on the Natchez TraceExpedition Natchez Saturday 2 251  Expedition Natchez Saturday 2 192Expedition Natchez 1813.  War of 1812 Memorial SiteNatchez Expediton Wreath on Andrew Jackson's Grave

The Natchez Trace Parkway Association commemorated the bicentennial of the 1813 Natchez Expedition on the Natchez Trace Parkway through a ten-day living history event from Natchez to Nashville.  The event re-created events from the landing of the troops at Natchez and the parade through the city, the encampment at Fort Dearborn, camp sites at Brashears’ Stand and the Choctaw Agency, a ceremonial crossing of the Tennessee River at Colbert Ferry and the dismissal of the troops at Grinder’s Stand.  Along the way, ceremonies were held in the Old Mississippi State Capitol building and at the War of 1812 Memorial Site, Tuscumbia  and  the Hermitage.    A period reception for the troops was held at the Natchez Prentiss Club and a period dinner was hosted at the Eola Hotel.  Ladies held an 1813 tea at Auburn Historic House.  Education camps reached about 2,000 students in Mississippi.

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