Tennessee Chapter


The Tennessee chapter works to connect Tennessee communities to the parkway and to improve the visitor experience along the one-hundred mile portion of the parkway in Tennessee.  Committees are being formed for the three main areas of interest:



            Plans are being made to increase cycling and hiking through organized rides and hikes.  Learn how you can explore your interest in these areas with other members of the association by joining  and taking part in activities.


            We are planning activities this winter to explore and map some of the historic Natchez Trace in Tennessee. Living History events have already begun in the Tennessee section.  If you have an interest in portraying historic Natchez Trace characters or supporting living history events, contact Jeff Brewer,  to learn more. 


            We are organizing members and volunteer groups to help the National Park Service maintain the trails along the parkway, including the Highland Rim National Scenic Trail.  We are planning ways to offer to improve the trails.  We are also planning special events to encourage people to get off the pavement and on to the trails. 

            Protection of the scenic view is critical to assuring that the Natchez Trace Parkway always offers a quality experience and one that serves to help visitors relax and connect with nature.  We support the efforts of the Land Trust of Tennessee, which partners with the National Park Service to help protect the scenic view.

            If you are looking for a great place to hike in Middle Tennessee, and you would like to help make the Natchez Trace trails the best in the region, contact Jean Chevallier to learn how you can get involved. 


            A national park is a valuable asset for education for both tourists and local schools.  We are developing cellular telephone tours and a mobile ap to help all visitors to the parkway get the most benefit from their experience.  The National Park Service continues to add to lesson plans available to teachers.  If you are interested in helping connect classrooms to the parkway and make the parkway more educational, contact Jim Drury.