Become A Member

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: In addition to providing valuable support to improving the visitor experience on the Parkway, members receive:

– Updates on events and developments on the Parkway through the member newsletter The Post Rider

– The opportunity to meet and work with people who share an interest in the Parkway. Opportunities include local chapter meetings and the annual membership meeting.

– The opportunity to participate in special events for members.

– A membership card.

-A membership window decal.

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER: To become a member, you may click on the Membership Application link below, print out an application and mail it to the address listed.  For your convenience, dues may also be paid online through PayPal.  To pay dues online, go to the  “Pay Now” button to the left of this page on the main tab list.  You will find the pull down tab.  Click on the arrow and select the level of membership.  Click on the “Pay Now” tab.  It will take you to our PayPal payment page.  You will recognize the top of our post rider logo on the top left of the page.  PayPal retains your credit card information for their reporting purposes; however, they do not share that information with the Association. Specific instructions for payment by PayPal are as follows: 1.  Go to “PayNow” in the left tab.  Hit the arrow and scroll down to find your dues level. 2.  Make your dues level selection and hit “Pay Now.” 3.  Either create a PayPal account or click “Don’t have a PayPal account,: 4.  Fill in the information required including contact information and credit card information.  Hit “Review and Continue,” 5.  Click “save” and then “Pay Now.” 6.  Review and print your receipt.


Click Here for Membership Application



Annual (January 1 – December 31) $25  Basic Family Membership (3 year – $65)

Basic Business, Government, or Organizational Membership $50

 LIFE MEMBERSHIP Listed in the Post Ride

 Life Membership (Senior, 65y/o+) $500 $750     

Life Membership (45 – 64y/o) $750

Life Membership (Birth – 44y/o) $1,000.

YOU MAY ALSO CHOOSE TO MAKE A DONATION WHEN YOU BECOME A MEMBER by selecting one of the categories below:

 SUSTAINING  DONATIONS:  Includes one year basic membership. Listing at option of donor on website and in the Post Rider.

$500 – $999    Silver Level Donor

$1,000 – $2,499           Gold Level Donor

$2,500 –$4,999           Platinum Level Donor

$5,000 – $10,000 +  Diamond Level Donor SPECIFIC DONATIONS: Web site page sponsor/year – listed on website and in Post Rider Cell phone tour sponsor/year – listed on cell phone app and in Post Rider Newsletter (Post Rider) sponsor/year – listed in Post Rider


Marty Owens Living History Fund – listed in Post Rider To promote and support, through education, the history of the Natchez Trace on the Parkway and it’s historical corridor.

Gary Holdiness Recreation Fund – listed in Post Rider To promote and support the opportunities for safe recreation, primarily cycling and jogging, on the Parkway.

Nature/Conservation Trail Fund – listed in Post Rider To promote and support the programming, maintenance and future expansion of the National Scenic Trail. (Donations given during the previous calendar year will be listed each year in the first edition of the Post Rider.)    


Corporate Sustaining Membership supports the ongoing operations of the association. NPTA is 100% volunteer and volunteers pay their own travel expenses; however, every organization is required to pay government recording fees, tax return preparation, and other overhead expenses.

Corporate Sustaining Memberships are $500/year.  Corporate Sustaining Members are recognized on our website and on association publications.


Additional information about payment and collection of dues:

Dues Payments Policy

Effective – 10/1/13

1.  Dues statements are sent once/year. 2.  Dues statements are sent electronically to those who have email. 3.  Dues statements are sent via USPS only to those who do not have email. 4.  Statements are sent for the upcoming year. 5.  Statements are sent on October 1. 6.  Members who receive their statements electronically can pay either by (1) Check or (2) by credit card by going to our website and paying via PayPal. 7.  New members who join during the first or second quarter (Jan. – June) will be asked to renew on October 1. 8.  New members who join during the third quarter (July – Sept.) will not be asked to renew until October 1 of the following year.